Benimaclet is a neighbourhood in Valencia that still keeps the essence of a village inside a medium-sized city. Its situation, close to the universities area and the cultivatable lands, make a varied group of inhabitants.

The lack of a market building in the area is seen by the population as a handicap to the other neighbourhoods in the city. The idea of building one gives people the hope for a new social spot where boost the local economy and spread the vegetables that come from the close fields.

This proposal starts by analyzing the area and giving an urban solution to a huge void between the neighbourhood and the highway. The market position is chosen and designed understanding the pedestrian paths.

The building hosts different functions: market, shops, restaurants, a multifunctional space, a cafeteria and an exhibition room. The distribution of all of them follows the idea of lived space that has many ways to be used and inhabited.

Sunlight control and the creation of shadow areas is achieved thanks to three roof structures that articulate exterior and interior spaces and adapt each function to its differents needs.

A really detailed interior was a must to the project. Construction details and interior designed was developed since the beginning of the project in order to have a complex project that seeks for efficiency and comfort.

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